Allergies Under Dogs Chin: Serious?

Allergies Under Dogs Chin

If you’ve seen bumps, spots, rashes or blisters under your dog’s chin, could it be allergy-related? Or could it be something more serious? Our dogs have the knack of worrying us ‘dog parents’ all the time with various mystery ailments. Most of the time these issues sort themselves out and we have nothing to worry about. Other times it’s our […]

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Milk Kefir for Allergies in Dogs (Myth or Miracle?)

kefir dogs allergies

If you have never heard of Kefir, then it is a drink similar to yogurt, but it contains more probiotics than yogurt does. To some people, kefir is regarded as a miracle ‘cure all’ and allergy buster for us humans. But what about milk kefir for dogs? Can dogs benefit from lapping-up kefir? And can allergies in dogs be alleviated […]

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Are Allergies in Dogs Common?

are allergies in dogs common

Owning a dog with an allergy can be a challenge. The first reaction from the owner is typically one of concern, then that can rapidly turn into confusion. Trying to pinpoint the source of an allergy can take a lot of time and effort. If only dog’s could speak! Instead of speaking, dogs will exhibit symptoms. Unfortunately, there is much […]

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Can Dogs Be Allergic to Stink Bugs?

stink bug dog allergy

Last summer we had a plague of stink bugs in our area. I wondered at the time if our dog could be allergic to stink bugs. They sure smell bad, but what about causing an allergy in our dog? So, can dogs be allergic to stink bugs? Dogs do not suffer allergic reactions to being exposed to or eating stink […]

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Can Dogs Be Allergic to Antlers?


A while ago, we bought a deer antler for Alfie, our Border Terrier. Alfie is allergic to so many things, so I wondered if dogs could be allergic to antlers. So, can dogs be allergic to antlers? There is no evidence that dogs can be allergic to antlers. Antlers are pure bone and are not known to be an allergen […]

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