Allergies in Border Terriers (Itching & Paw Licking)

Allergies in Border Terriers

Our Border Terrier, Alfie is the ideal specimen for this post. Alfie has followed the typical path for border terrier allergies. Border Terriers are famous for contracting Atopic Dermatitis (an inflammatory skin disease associated with allergies). In this post, I’ll reveal our discoveries regarding Border Terrier allergies and explain the testing methods that we used. Sit back and see how […]

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Allergies in Peekapoo Dogs (Peekapoo Health)

allergies in peekapoo dogs

If there was one short phrase that would sum up a Peekapoo dog, then that phrase would be Super Cute! But not only are they super cute, they also have a long history compared to other designer dogs. Interestingly, the very first Peekapoo breeders had a clear goal in mind. That goal was to breed a dog that would have […]

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What Allergies Can a Husky Get?

The Siberian husky is one of the tough guys when it comes to pretty much everything, yet allergies can still be an issue for this breed of dog. This loyal, gentle giant can suffer from allergies just like any other dog breed. So what allergies can a husky get? A husky can be susceptible to most allergies, just like any […]

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