Allergies in Dogs Eyes How to Treat (safely)

allergies dogs eyes how to treat

Dogs can have allergies that affect their eyes just like humans can. But also just like humans, dogs can suffer from eye conditions that may not be allergy-related at all. If you had problems with your own eyes then you may not treat the problem lightly. Eyes are very delicate and not only can they become infected, but they can […]

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Can Dogs Be Allergic to Air Conditioning?


After we had our air conditioning installed, we noticed that our dog was showing more frequent allergy symptoms. Surely a dog couldn’t be allergic to air conditioning? So can dogs be allergic to air conditioning? Dogs cannot be allergic to air conditioning, but they can be allergic to the dust or dander that the air conditioning pushes around the house. […]

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Could My Dog Be Allergic to Something in My House?


Your house should be a safe place for your dog. But your house can be hiding numerous allergens that your dog can become allergic to. Could my dog be allergic to something in my house? There are many dog allergens found in homes. These include dust, dust mites, mold, cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry products, rubber toys, and even other […]

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