Can Dogs Be Allergic to Antlers?


A while ago, we bought a deer antler for Alfie, our Border Terrier. Alfie is allergic to so many things, so I wondered if dogs could be allergic to antlers. So, can dogs be allergic to antlers? There is no evidence that dogs can be allergic to antlers. Antlers are pure bone and are not known to be an allergen […]

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What Allergies Can a Husky Get?

The Siberian husky is one of the tough guys when it comes to pretty much everything, yet allergies can still be an issue for this breed of dog. This loyal, gentle giant can suffer from allergies just like any other dog breed. So what allergies can a husky get? A husky can be susceptible to most allergies, just like any […]

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Can Dogs Be Allergic to Yogurt?

Yogurt is typically a safe and healthy food supplement for your dog. Like all things in life; however, yogurt isn’t a safe bet for all dogs. For dogs prone to allergies, yogurt may not be the 100% safe treat you thought it was. So can dogs be allergic to yogurt? A dog would only be allergic to yogurt if it […]

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Could My Dog Be Allergic to Something in My House?


Your house should be a safe place for your dog. But your house can be hiding numerous allergens that your dog can become allergic to. Could my dog be allergic to something in my house? There are many dog allergens found in homes. These include dust, dust mites, mold, cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry products, rubber toys, and even other […]

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